Welcome to Gratitude Journal!

I was inspired to create Gratitude Journal when I was going through some personal issues. It happened to be right around Thanksgiving and as a tradition, I thought of things to be thankful for. This immediately made me feel better and happiner, being reminded that the problems I face are just minor and temporary and there are so much more to be happy about. I wanted to make this a regular thing and actually record my thoughts, not necessarily a lengthy diary or a blog but simple and short entries/list of things. I did some research and found that numerous studies have been done and articles written (such as these posts by: Harvard, The Huffington Post, Psychology Today) on the positive effect of giving thanks on one's level of happiness. In addition, not only reflecting on a regular basis but actively logging specific things enhances this effect.

How it works is pretty simple:


Think about all the things you're grateful for


Make entries in
your journal

Be Happier

Notice your level of happiness increase
within days!


Check out this link for some great tips to maximize your experience!

Thanks for Visiting and Happy Logging!